Currencies & Shipping Countries

At present, the Wasa Kredit B2B Checkout is only available for the Swedish market. Thus SEK is the only supported currency and Sweden is the only shipping country.


All amounts should be specified without VAT.

Discounts & Gift Vouchers

The B2B Checkout doesn’t handle cart items with negative amounts. Therefore, discounts and partial gift voucher payments must be deducted from the price of the actual cart items.

Shipping Costs & Other Fees

Shipping cost are specified as a specifik parameter ("shipping_cost_ext_vat" in the Create Leasing Checkout operation).

Any other fees should be specified as ordinary cart items.

Payloads & Parameters

All payloads (request and response bodies) are specified in JSON format.

Prices & Amounts

All prices and amounts are specified as numeric decimal strings with a maximum length of 10 characters, including the decimal delimiter. Prices are supposed to be specified using up to 7 integer digits and two decimal digits. However, specifying the decimal part is optional.

The period character (‘.’) is used as the decimal delimiter.

String Parameters

Most string parameters have a maximal allowed length of 200 characters with the exception of image url’s which are allowed to have a maximal length of 500 characters.

When to Ship

When the checkout has reached the “approved” state the order is ready to be shipped to the customer.

If user updates cart or change shipping options

If cart or shipping options is changed after the createCheckout is called you need to call createCheckout again with the new data. It is okey if you use pass the same order references from your system.