Test Mode

It is possible to test the API in a number of ways.

Test the API from the Consol

It is possible to test the API by using the Console that is available from the REST API page. Select a Service in the left hand menu. Click on the highlighted GET or POST methods to change the contents in the right hand side console. If the console isn’t active click on the Swith to Console button on the right hand top.

It is possible to call the service by clicking on the Call Resource botton on the right hand bottom. Alternative sources to use is the Mock server (or Debugging Proxy) that returns mock data from a mock site or the Production alternative that returns mock data from the test API. It is possible to add parameters to the call.

Test the API using the test version of the API

It is also possible to test the API using a test API from the URL:


The test services will act exactly as the production services with the exception that they return mock data instead of production data.